Pets Empire Easy To Learn Puppy Cat Use Human Toilet Cat Litter Trainer Training Kit

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  • 1. Pick a good time to teach your cat how to use the toilet- Looking back, I now realize my fallacy. My No. 1 problem was that I chose the wrong period in my life to toilet train the cat. We had a new baby in the house and my mother-in-law was also staying with us. Obviously, Furball was freaked out about these disruptions in his home. To set your cat up for success, make sure that there are no significant changes going on in your life when you begin the potty-training process.
  • 2. Figure out if your cat is super-sensitive to litter box changes- Even before you begin toilet training your cat, you can get a preview of how your cat will react by moving the litter box toward the bathroom (if it’s not already there), and then next to the toilet. If your kitty isn’t bothered by these changes, there’s a good chance that she will do well with cat toilet training. On the other hand, if you have a skittish cat, plan on taking extra time and giving lots of positive reinforcement.
  • 3. Go slowly and take small steps- The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit is designed so that you remove thin concentric rings as your cat progresses. While it’s tempting to want to rush through things when toilet training a cat, patience is your best ally for success. Only remove a ring when your cat has mastered the current step with no accidents for at least a week. If your cat needs to move at an even slower pace, you can remove a quarter to a half ring instead of the full ring. If your cat h
  • 4. Set up an environment that supports your cat- Since most litter boxes are much larger than the toilet seat insert, it’s important to clean the tray often. While this might sound like a lot of work, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Because you’re using so little litter in the tray, it’s a breeze to dump it out. You’ll also want to tape the toilet lid to the bowl so that no one accidentally closes the lid, making it impossible for your cat to do their business.
  • 5.. Also, leave the bathroom door barely open so that your cat can feel a sense of privacy when he’s on the toilet.